Part 4

Battle begins between Foursquare, Yelp
Ep. 1159: Where we challenge you to a vote-off
Unboxing the iPad Mini
Ep. 1158: Where we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue
Facebook pushes you to vote
Bring the Start menu back to Windows 8
What's next from the people who invented the PC?
Best Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts
iPad Mini launches with mini lines
Hottest tech products (Fall 2012)
Is the iPad Mini worth it?
Boxee set to battle Apple TV, Roku
Cracking Open the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT
Microsoft Surface RT vs. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity
Google to send you a couple cold beers?
iPad Mini, 4th-gen iPad reviews
Google Search for iOS review
Google challenges Apple's Siri
Unboxing the Microsoft Surface tablet
Episode 20: Unboxing Microsoft's Surface tablet
Torture testing the rugged Pentax Optio WG-2 camera
2013 Dodge Dart
Reasons why cars look the same
Can the new Dart give Dodge a sexy Italian accent? CNET On Cars, Episode 5
Welcome to a Windows 8 world
Ep. 1157: Where we live in a van down by the river
Run Windows 8 desktop on a second monitor
Big screen TVs under $1,000
Has Apple lost some of its magic?
Ep. 1156: Where your cell phone is sick
Get prepared for Windows 8
Google's secret plan: A $99 tablet?
Ep. 1155: Where haters gonna hate
Digging deep into Microsoft's Surface
Flying on the world's fastest sailboat
Do-it-yourself adjustable phone stand
Episode 19: Torture testing the Galaxy Note 2
Unboxing the Motorola Razr I, Razr M, and Razr Maxx HD
Ep. 1154: Where we'll have a new version before this show ends
Torture testing the Galaxy Note 2
iPad Mini won't be the only Apple news
Ep. 1153: Where WE'RE NOT YELLING
iPhone panorama tips and tricks
The lights over your head are about to get smart
What you need to know about Windows 8
Ep. 1152: Where there's no basement in the Alamo
Best budget 7" Android Tablets
iPad Mini: What to expect on October 23
Before you buy a cell phone
Key phone features to consider
Select the right phone design
Pick a cell phone plan
Choose a wireless carrier
AOL's twist on e-mail: You've got stacks
Ep. 1151: Where we got these Blackberries, man
How to get back to the Windows 8 Start screen
Amazon pushes Kindles for classrooms
Apple's next bright idea: iPad Mini in many colors?
Ep. 1150: Where burritos > bagels
Apply a screen protector, bubble-free
Kindle Paperwhite vs. Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight
iPad Mini steals Surface presale thunder
Ep. 1149: Where everyone should get their Big Exit
Episode 18: Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Torture testing the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook
Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2
The cars of the future will give you a massage
Car Tech 101: Plug-in hybrids vs. range extender hybrids
Top 5 Fuel Saving Technologies
Xbox Music service has its limits
Ep. 1148: Where we all get a little closer
Top car technologies that will save you gas now. CNET On Cars, Episode 4
Reasons not to upgrade to Windows 8
Make your own screen-cleaning spray
Apple might unwrap iPad Mini on Oct. 23
iPad Mini: The latest reports and rumors
eBay gives the world another Groupon
Cracking Open the PlayStation 3 Super Slim
Will Boxee's rumored device make you cut the cable cord?
eBay copies Pinterest in redesign
Ep. 1147: Where life won't find a way
Ep. 1146: Where we hiss downstream
iPods arrive while waiting for iPad Mini
iPod Touch and Nano: unboxed
Road-testing the Lytro camera
Torture-testing the new Kindle Fire HD
Unboxing the Kindle Paperwhite
Episode 17: A Kindle bonanza!
How to record live TV to a computer
Animate scary props for Halloween
SpaceX rocket engine shut down at launch
Ep. 1145: Where we're on top of the world
Set and lock your PC audio's volume
Turn your Android phone into a Webcam
Ep. 1144: Where we switch up our 'za
Preview links before clicking
Is the Xperia TL worthy of James Bond?
The iPad Mini is in mass production
Ep. 1143: Where Justin spent way too much on dinner
Little-known Task Manager tricks
The next next big thing is almost here?
Apple's map flop stirs new mobile battle
Hide your messy desktop with one click
Ep. 1134: Where it's safe to drink the water
Cracking Open the Kindle Fire HD
Update Twitter using Siri
Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs. Google Nexus 7
The iPhone 5 review has landed
Ep. 1133: Where we put the Apple iPhone 5 on a pedestal
The all-purpose tool for Windows that you need to download
Unboxing the iPhone 5
Fitbit adds Zip to its workout routine
iPhone 4 vs. HTC One X Road Test
Unboxing the Kindle Fire HD
Episode 14: iPhone vs. HTC One X in midair
Ep. 1132: Where we're waiting in line for the iPhone Whatever
Torture Testing the original Kindle
iPhone 5's record preorders, early lines
Episode 2: IndyCar technology under a hood near you
Ep. 1131: Where we play ketchup
Ep. 1130: Where Wii play with power
iPhone 5 preorders indicate hot demand
Best laptops under $600
Lightning strikes the iPhone 5
Nintendo sets Wii U price, unveils TVii
Meet the woman who predicted the Nintendo TVii
Breakdown of Apple's new iPhone 5, iPods
The anti-iPhone 5 episode
Ep. 1128: Where Apple saves the economy
What to expect for the iPhone 5
DIY: iPhone Macro Lens
Driving the connected cars of the future
The Nexus 7 Torture Test
Unboxing the Lenovo ThinkPad X1
Episode 13: Torture Testing the Nexus 7 Tablet
How to make your own network cable and port
Ep. 1127: Where we eat our utility bill
Toys 'R' Us takes on tablets with Tabeo
No option to remove ads on Kindle Fires
Ep. 1126: Where we've got a Batman hangover
Free way to monitor your Mac's network activity
Free tool to extend MacBook Pro battery life
Things to do with an old Kindle Fire
iPhone 5 On It - The Music Video
What's Apple baking for the iPhone event on September 12?
Amazon lights a new Fire under iPad
Ep. 1125: Where we're not gonna fall for a banana in the tailpipe
Replace a broken laptop screen
Samsung New Series 9 vs. Vizio Thin+Light CT14-A2
Ep. 1124: Where techies never say die
Nokia Lumia shows off new camera tricks
Ep. 1123: Where a storm is coming
Apple user data uncovered by hackers
Episode 1: Audi A7 vs. BMW 640i Gran Coupe
Episode 12: Best of Season 1!
Ep. 1122: Where we make your day
Find out which Web sites are tracking you
New iPhone facing supply issues
Schedule your PC to turn off, standby, or log off
Home theater essentials (2012)
Add lighting effects to your stereo
The iPad Mini gets its own event
Ep. 1121: Where rock out with the pop out
Windows 8 hybrid-tablet mania
Cracking Open the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
IFA 2012: Big reveals for Sony, Samsung
Ep. 1120: Where we pay you in nickels
Make an external hard drive
iPhone 5 and iPad Mini: The reckoning
FAA may change in-flight gadget rules
Ep. 1119: Where we exit through the gift shop
Episode 11: Apple v. Samsung Torture Tests
How Apple's courtroom win affects you
Ep. 1118: Where we've got the right stuff
Season 2 Promo HTC
Amazon about to start a new Fire
Ep. 1117: Where we get lost in time
Headphones under $50
Make iTunes sound better
AT&T becomes iPhone owners' public enemy No. 1
Ep. 1116: Where we keep up the good work
There's no escaping the mobile-ad attack
Apple TV to be your new, improved cable box?
T-Mobile unthrottles unlimited data
Cracking Open the Samsung Chromebox Series 3
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 vs. the Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS
Ep. 1115: Where the streets have no name
Ep. 1114: Where we'll take the cash, thanks
Do AT&T FaceTime limits break FCC rules?
Episode 10: Road Tests Extended Cut
Make a gliding camera strap
Game not over yet for OnLive
Ep. 1113: Where there's a ghost in the wires
Make your Google account more secure
Phones to avoid
Facebook finally deletes the deleted
The ultimate tool for PC troubleshooting
Ep. 1112: Where we put a spell on you
Intel's futurist knows what tech you'll want tomorrow
Apple TV and the quest for cable
We'll buy all the $199 Surface tablets, please
Roku HD vs. Apple TV (third generation)
3 essential features in Mountain Lion's Preview tool
Ep. 1111: Where we don't make a deal
10 hidden controls of the iPhone headphones
Five ways manufacturers make devices hard to repair
Ep. 1110: The show where we're more than meats the eye
Get top dollar for iPhone trade-ins
Automatically install and update all essential software
Ep. 1109: Where we're low on memory
PlayStation's mobile, multiscreen push
Episode 9: Mind control, wind tunnels, and robots
Is the MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina on its way?
Print wirelessly from iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
Ep. 1108: Where we're not looking from behind
How tweets reveal where you live
The case for wireless competition
Transfer VHS tapes to your computer
iPhone has a better cam than Curiosity
Features you want in iPhone 5
Ep. 1107: Where we're all friends with Gems
Secret to remembering keyboard shortcuts
The iPhone Slim?
Take better notes with the Livescribe Echo Smartpen
Seamlessly integrate Gmail with Dropbox, Box and Google Drive
Microsoft's crime-fighting tech for sale
Ep. 1106: Where the legend continues
Cracking Open the MacBook Air 11-inch (2012)
The main perk of Starbucks-Square deal
Ep. 1105: Where we light the future
Is the iPad Mini already in production?
Make a DIY flash bounce
Amazon's got game (and textbook rentals)
Ep. 1104: Where we forget the dial tone
The super cool tech behind wind tunnels
How To: Cut down your SIM card
Torture testing the iPhone 4S
Unboxing the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook
Episode 8: Torture testing the iPhone 4S
Throw down some 360-degree tomahawk dunks with NBA Jam for Android
Automate Android tasks with Tasker
Did Samsung steal Apple's icons?
Ep. 1103: Where our crime is that of Curiosity
Jason Parker test the Vyclone software
The 404 interviews Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan
The 404 Show Special: Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan
Print large posters on a regular printer
'Dyle' in to watch live TV on your phone
Ep. 1102: Where we've spared no expense
Most anticipated products (2012)
Just six weeks away from the next iPhone?
Delete files for good
Ep. 1101: Where we learn to archive
Google Wallet: Pick a card, any card
Print e-book pages
Is Apple getting into the social network game?
Pause videos and watch them later on a different computer
Back to the drawing board for Nexus Q
Cracking Open the Google Nexus 7
Ep. 1100: Where we spoke up in class
The 404 1099: Where we dump the tape delay
Google Nexus 7 vs. Amazon Kindle Fire
Microsoft saying good-bye to Hotmail
Hide files inside other files
Meet a robotic sushi waiter
Always On DIY: 3D print your own iPhone case
Episode 7: 3D print your own iPhone case
Keep those racy photos and videos private with Vault for Android
Samsung Galaxy Beam Unboxing at Always On
Generate strong passwords with OSX
NBC's tape delays and Twitter don't mix
Clean up Android contacts
Apple Glasses and the OUYA/OnLive deal
Reasons not to buy a Nexus 7
Reporter's Roundtable Ep. 128: Rafe's Outie Awards
Bring your Mac desktop to the big screen
Is Mountain Lion worth the money?
Google goes fiber
What is Google Now?
Cracking Open the $7000 HP Z1 Workstation
How frustrating will a smaller iPhone dock be?
Mountain Lion roars onto Macs
YouTube's weapon against crude comments
Ep. 1095: Where we hang on to the bar
The frenzy over shared data plans
How To: Control music at home with Android
Always On: Controlling games and gadgets with your mind
Episode 6: MacBook Air extreme torture test
ElliptiGO Unboxing at Always On
New MacBook Air Torture Test at Always On
Questions rise on Skype wiretapping
Ep. 1094: Where we've made it to Livestream
Back to school tech gifts
Fringe benefits to Amazon Prime
Download entire YouTube playlists or channels
The latest 'skinny' on the new iPhone
Use USB devices with Android
Space Shuttle exhibit opens in New York
Apple must declare Samsung not copycat
Ep 1092: Where we're monitoring that scan you just interfaced
Automatically delete duplicate files
Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. HTC One X
Next iPhone: Taller, thinner, faster, stronger
Shared-data plans push you to buy more
Ep 1092: Where we wake up screaming
Find which Twitter users don't follow you back
Turn your Nexus 7 into a Kindle Fire
Ep 1091: Where we're back with a vengeance
Google's Wonder Woman could save Yahoo
Personal Rover Unboxing at Always On
DIY: NFC-enabled Phonedock
Seeing the future through an augmented reality
Road testing the Nike+ FuelBand and the Fitbit Ultra
Episode 5: We get physical with the Nike+ FuelBand and the Fitbit Ultra
Remap keys with ease
Control volume with a mouse scroll
The new look of Microsoft Office
Fix a broken screen on your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S
The 404 escape the zombie apocalypse, or do they?
The 404 goes Back to the Future with the Mattel hoverboard
Reporters' Roundtable Ep. 127: Attack of the drones
The 404 meets David Hasselhoff: A car and a stud
Google Nexus 7 tips and tricks
Digg buried into
Cheap portable drives
Reporters' Roundtable Ep. 126: Mesh Networks
The 404 and the quest for the Comic-Con costume
Five essential Galaxy S3 tips
Yahoo hack reveals most-used passwords
Comic-Con 2012 Marvel stage preview
New iPod Nano and MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina? Yes, please!
Booyah for Ouya gaming console
JVC Everio GZ-EX250
Cracking Open the MacBook Air 13-inch (2012)
Will Amazon make a smartphone of its own?
Trouble with Google, RIM and Nic Cage
Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker vs. Jawbone Big Jambox
Comic-Con preview
How to program your own NFC chips
Episode 4: Torture testing the Samsung Galaxy S3
ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 Unboxing at Always On
Samsung Galaxy S3 Torture Test at Always On
Control your Samsung Galaxy S III with motion gestures
Ep. 1090: Where going green is so 2010
Internet doomsday averted, ISPs save day
Google Glass spurs battle for eyeballs
Share files using S Beam
Lit Motors thinks we're just driving around in too much car
The 404: Ep. 1089: Where we go the extra mile
Organize windows without moving your mouse
The iPad "Mini Me" coming soon...
iPad Mini coming this year, say reports
Ep. 1088: Where we get the short end of the shtick
Browse Instagram inside Chrome
Cracking Open the MacBook Pro with Retina Display
Play time with the new games of Wii U
Ep. 1087: Where we talk about it without ruining it
Android phones (Summer 2012)
Nexus Q Unboxing at Always On
Unboxing the Nexus 7
Episode 3: Google Gone Wild
Will Apple release an iPad Mini in October?
Encode videos with a single click
Helibots to the rescue
A Samsung Chromebook focus group
Ep. 1086: Where we left our dreams in a cab
Cloud games mean sweet streams for Sony
Keep reading habits private on Facebook
Reporter's Roundtable Ep. 125: Google I/O dissected on Reporters' Roundtable
Ep. 1085: Where we know this much is true
It's looking grim for RIM
Ep. 1084: Where we get our dates right
Google flops
Envision a Google Glass world by 2014
Fix a broken front panel on your iPad 2 or iPad 3
Unjailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
Google Nexus 7 singes Kindle Fire
Is the Kindle Fire 2 really dropping next month?
Ep. 1083: Where we'll have what she's having
New details on the iPhone 5
Time to target those rich Mac users
Ep. 1082: Where it's rude to point
Free voice command apps for your Android phone
The future of gaming revealed at E3
How to game in the cloud
Episode 2: The iPad gets the worst of it
iPad Torture Test at Always On
Samsung's Galaxy S III Unboxing at Always On
Pivothead Durango sample video
Ep. 1081: Where nobody's perfect
Facebook removes controversial feature
Ep. 1080: Where we paint the sixteenth chapel
Nintendo goes big on 3D with 3DS XL
Air or Pro: which 13-inch MacBook should you buy?
Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
Microsoft Surface takes on the iPad
Windows Phone 8 start screen demo
Ep. 1079: Where we ban all the skinnies
The incredible shrinking iPhone 5 dock
Smartphones under $50
How to set reminders in Windows
Cracking Open the Samsung Galaxy S III (T-Mobile)
Record with MacBook Pro headphone jack
Test shots with Steadicam's Smoothee for the iPhone
Could the new Xbox hit in 2013 after all?
Scan and save old photos with your phone
Upgrade to Windows Phone 8? Not so fast.
Ep. 1078: Where Europe's heating up, but NY is even hotter
Spansion Acoustic Coprocessor demonstration
BlackBerry 10 in action
Ad-free streaming music that matches your mood
Google next up against Microsoft Surface
New MacBook Pro Unboxed at Always On
Racing with the sun
Ep. 1067: Where we scrape the Surface
How to make a stylus
Episode 1: Unboxing the MacBook Pro with Retina Display
Clean up iTunes using a Smart Playlist
Ep. 1076: Where you don't know you're beautiful
Next Xbox could have glasses, new Kinect
Back up your Instagram photos
Control your Xbox 360 with an iPhone
Microsoft's mysterious new product
Game controllers
Ep. 1075: Where we had a crush on you in high school
Get Windows 8 features in Windows 7
High-tech smoking
If you want the REAL iOS 6, get a new iPhone
Time turns page on iPad subscriptions
Cracking Open the HTC Evo 4G LTE
Quickly find the time for any time zone
Ep. 1074: Where it's not you, it's us
iPhone 5 to get bigger 4-inch screen?
Fast browse Gmail attachments
Ep 1073: Where it could use some more bacon
Masters of a new domain
Downcast: The best podcast app on iOS
Verizon's new data plan burns singles
Ep 1072: Where we're broadcasting in Retina
Apple shows smarter Siri, new MacBooks
Ep 1071: Where we say goodbye to Hollywood
Expect iOS 6, new MacBooks at Apple conference Monday
Top 5 tablets (May 2012)
Ep. 1070: Where we fatten them up and move them out
Transfer voice mails to your computer
Canon T4i touch screen in action
What to expect at WWDC 2012
Virgin Mobile's no-contract iPhone brings savings -- at a cost
Where we say goodnight to the bad guy
Cracking Open the Toshiba Excite 10
Google Maps adding 3D, offline directions
Lytro lights up photography market with digital camera
Where it's a small world
Add a second monitor to your computer
E3: Wii U GamePad puts a new touch on gaming
Where tweets look better from behind
Ep. 1066: Where it's the CNET minority report
E3 2012: Year of the second screen with Xbox Smart Glass and Wii U
Apple iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Sprint)
E3 2012 Roundtable
Three ways to use a USB drive with your PS3
Free iPad games
Wii U, Halo 4, and expectations of E3
Ep. 1065: Where it's all in our heads
Customize OS X Lion's recovery feature
Find out the winners to anything
iPhone 5: New look, new photos?
iPhone makes the 'Leap' into the prepaid zone
Reduce computer-related eyestrain
Ep. 1064: Where just enough is more
Coming Soon: Always On
Ep. 1063: Where we get Russ on the regular
Google fills search with Zagat ratings
Cracking Open the Acer Iconia Tab A510
Rafe Needleman's D10 Swag Bag
A new polish for the Chromebook and Chromebox
Ep. 1062: Where we actually like hotspacho
Networks are hopping mad over Dish's commercial skipping
Ep. 1061: Where we're in too deep
Replace Gmail icons with text
Humiliate your friends with I'd Cap That
Take your own passport photos
Is 4 inches big enough?...for the iPhone
Ep. 1060: Where we break through the clusterzuck
Undo accidentally closed Windows apps and folders
Apple's next invention: The iPen?
Smartphone and Tablet repair: Five things you should know beforehand
Add button commands to Windows Explorer
Never miss a concert
Favorite Top 5s
Ep. 1059: Where Facebook fizzles and we're happier for it
The latest mess in Facebook's IPO
Find Android tablet apps
Your vote could change Facebook's privacy policy
Ep. 1058: Where CNET fans for the win
Bring the charm of Polaroid to iOS
How to set up sync on Windows 8
Microsoft creates a social network for students
Driving into the future at VW's Electronics Research Lab
Hottest Tech Products (May 2012)