Part 18

Today in Tech History: April 17, 2008
Prizefight: 'Guitar Hero 3' vs. 'Rock Band'
Seagate CEO looks ahead
Tekzilla Daily: Windows TaskSwitchXP
Loaded: Motley Crue and segways
The Black Ghosts: "I Want Nothing"
Today in Tech History: April 16, 2008
Forklift of the future
Tekzilla Daily: Open a search in a new tab in Firefox
Mailbag: How to be Internet cool
Loaded: Lifetime: Webcasts for Women
Welcome WiiWare
Tekzilla Daily: Firefox auto refresh
Loaded: Sports video surge
Working with the wind
Product Spotlight: BlackBerry Curve 8310
Nina Simone, UFO!, Sun Kil Moon
Tekzilla Weekly: Better Windows file sync; best graphics cards for $200 and less; and Veronica's our new co-host!
CNET Live: April 10, 2008
Justice: "DVNO"
Tekzilla Daily: Create custom fonts in Windows
CNET Top 5: Tech flops
Loaded: Gang wars
Chasing the torch through S.F.
Geek Pop: Murder, 'Dune,' and 'Heroes'
Pop Levi: "Never, Never Love"
Neon Neon: "I Lust U"
Santogold: "L.E.S. Artistes"
Prizefight: MySpace vs. Facebook
Jamie Lidell: "Little Bit of Feel Good"
M83: "Graveyard Girl"
Tekzilla Daily: Mac Fine-Tune Your Volume
Loaded: Big votes and small notebooks
The physics of baseball
Kaki King: "Pull Me Out Alive"
Tekzilla Daily: Firefox Image Zoom
Mailbag: The truth about Brian Tong
Loaded: Google Apps Engine
Tekzilla Daily: Firefox single-click paste
Loaded: Micro-Hoo! part deux
Patent auction nets millions for inventors
The Presets: "This Boy's In Love"
Katy Perry: "You're So Gay"
The B-52's: "Funplex"
The Dino 5: "The Dino Theme"
Tekzilla Weekly: A great digital camera, best free FTP tools, and the truth about HD Webcams.
CNET Live: April 3, 2008
These New Puritans: "Elvis"
Crystal Castles, Devin the Dude, Mark Pickerel
CNET Top 5: Most wanted gadgets in March
Tekzilla Daily: Windows Desktop Toolbars
Geek Pop: Vampires and cylons
Loaded: Apple tops Wal-mart
Wolfkin: "These Are Illusions"
Felix Da Housecat: "Radio"
Tekzilla Daily: Windows: No to All
Loaded: e-RIP?
A parade of fools
Gecko-inspired robot goes vertical
Mailbag: Did the MacBook Air get screwed?
Tekzilla Daily: Organize your Start menu
Loaded: April Fools!
Cut Copy: "Lights & Music"
The Grouch: "Artsy"
Tekzilla Daily: Windows key shortcuts
Tekzilla Weekly: Soldering 101, surf anonymously, Vista SP1
Loaded: The Shining
March 31, 2008
CNET Live: March 27, 2008
Geek Pop: Geeky TV and movies guide
CNET Top 5: Most popular car tech
Tekzilla Daily: Skip the recycle bin!
Loaded: Edit your photos online
Prizefight: MacBook Air vs. Thinkpad X300
Chromeo: "Bonafide Lovin"
The Teenagers: "Love No"
The Raveonettes: "Aly Walk With Me"
Tekzilla Daily: What's taking up space on your hard drive?
Loaded: Google goes international
Tekzilla Daily: Customize iTunes Cover Flow
Mailbag: Does CNET hate the earth?
Loaded: XM + Sirius, who cares?
Tekzilla Daily: Sort your Gmail inbox
Loaded: South Park and Jackass
R.E.M.: "Living Well Is the Best Revenge"
Tekzilla Weekly: Upgrade your notebook, Macbook car charger, 360 streaming, VideoHelp
CNET Live: March 20, 2008
KT Tunstall: "If Only"
Tekzilla Daily: Switch Function Key Uses
Loaded: Adobe backtracks
Best of SXSW 2008
British Sea Power: "No Lucifer"
Tekzilla Daily: Optimize Spotlight results
Loaded: Flash for the iPhone
Tekzilla Weekly: We install Linux,, find lost cameras, installing Ubuntu Linux
Diggnation: Furniture: Transform!
Mailbag gets baked
A day in the life of pro video gamer
Tekzilla Daily: Fast Mac sleep
Loaded: Yahoo's financial future
Interview: Geek rocker Jonathan Coulton
Tekzilla Daily: Thumbnail View in OS X
Loaded: Google eyes video
Tekzilla Daily: Superfree zip utility
Tekzilla Daily: Notebook battery life
Product Spotlight: Amazon Kindle
Tekzilla Daily: Add additional codec support to iTunes
Internet Superstar: Noodlin
Tekzilla Daily: PC Game Compatibility
Guru, Miss Kittin, Herbie Hancock
Loaded: For British eyes only
Tekzilla Daily: Finding Frequencies for iPod FM Transmitters
Mailbag: How to get a job at CNET
Tekzilla Daily: Trim Your Fonts, Speed Up Boot Times
Quick Tips: Quick URLs on the iPhone
Loaded: Billy Bob's Boxmasters
Loaded: Jumper special edition
Tekzilla Daily: USB turntables: Good or bad?
CNET Top 5: Election Web sites
This Thursday on CNET Live
CNET Live: February 14, 2008
Tiny Masters Of Today: "Hologram World"
Tekzilla Daily: View Files Faster in OS X Leopard
Tekzilla Daily: View Files Faster in OS X Leopard
Loaded: Teleport like a Jumper
Anonymous vs. Scientology
Diggnation: Sometimes Alex gets bored
Tekzilla: Daily Firefox mouse shortcuts
Loaded: New AppleTV
Richard Hawley: "Valentine"
Q & Erik: Clicking Noises, Film Look and SPEED ROUND!!!
DIY Professional Animation Studio
Build a Miniature Set for $10
BFX: Stop Motion Puppet
Gnarls Barkley, James Blackshaw, Akrobatik
Mailbag: Lovermail edition
Tekzilla Daily: Keyboard shortcuts for shortcuts!
Loaded: Mobile News In Abundance
Tekzilla Weekly: Blu-ray and HD DVD (that don't suck!) on the cheap
Hanne Hukkelberg: "Cheater's Armoury"
Edison Glass: "Let Go"
Tekzilla Daily: Easy Command Prompt
Loaded: Money: Tech
Supporting the striking writers
Get your Santa Claus cartoon fix: The Return of the Fredmas, Episode 111
The Craigs - The Meth Minute 39
Tekzilla Daily: Encode
Tekzilla: Zune, best used games, VodPod, UPS, your fave podcast tools
Tekzilla Daily: Mac print screen
Tekzilla Daily - Tekzilla Daily - Mix It Up
Tekzilla - the adventure begins!
Tekzilla - Tang, Sputnik and Audio Nerdvana
Tekzilla - Morgan, Nero 8, free photo editing,
Tekzilla - converting vinyl to audio files,
Tekzilla - Leopard first look, iPod batteries,
Tekzilla - $20 headphones, TED, Mobo battery
Tekzilla - tartan racing, Eee PC, IMAP for
Tekzilla - DIY media server, cheap notebooks, songza
Tekzilla: Black Friday shopping, $500 PC, Cheap GPS
Tekzilla: Drobo vs. RAID, next gen DVD, Macbook Pro fix
Tekzilla: Backup Windows, Jeff Gerstmann, Ford sync, free defrag, $500 HDTV, fables.
CNET Live: February 7, 2008
Tekzilla daily: Zoom Your View in Mac OS X
CNET Top 5: Most wanted gadgets
Tekzilla Daily: Tekzilla Daily debut
Tekzilla Daily - Battery Life
Tekzilla Daily - Tekzilla Daily Compression
Tekzilla Daily - Tekzilla Daily LCD
Tekzilla Daily - Tekzilla Daily Debut
Diggnation: Dreaming of the Super Bowl
Diggnation: Digg that Souljah weather girl
Diggnation: Still flying sober
Diggnation - June 21, 2007
Diggnation - June 28, 2007
Diggnation - July 5, 2007
Diggnation - July 12, 2007
Diggnation - July 19, 2007
Diggnation - August 16, 2007
Diggnation - July 26, 2007
Diggnation - August 2, 2007
Diggnation - August 9, 2007
Diggnation - Aug 23, 2007
Diggnation - the sensitive episode
Diggnation - back in LA
Diggnation - time to leave home
Diggnation - Kevin's big announcement
Diggnation - days of wine and pigeons
Diggnation - live from London! Standing room only
Diggnation - if London's calling...
Diggnation - Captain America and the Russian Mob
Diggnation - Trent Reznor's Halloween spectacular
Diggnation - back to beers
Diggnation - ruining Kevin's couch
Diggnation: Caffeine makes Kevin Rose jittery
Diggnation - pimps and e-Readers
Diggnation: Beware of herpes
Diggnation: Goth kids and the Olive Garden
Diggnation: Third annual Diggnation clips show
Gnarls Barkley: "Smiley Faces"
Gnarls Barkley: "Crazy"
Lenny Kravitz: "I'll Be Waiting"
Tales of Silicon Valley: The First Ethernet
Steve Jobs reveals Macbook Air
Midnight Juggernauts: "Into the Galaxy"
Ror-Shak: "Fate or Faith"
The Black Ghosts: "Any Way You Choose to Give It"
Marco Polo feat. Masta Ace: "Nostalgia"
Grizzly Bear: "Knife"
Stateless: "Bloodstream"
Justice: "D.A.N.C.E."
New Young Pony Club: "The Bomb"
Battles: "Atlas"
Dri: "You Know I Tried"
Emily Jane White "Dagger"
British Sea Power: "Waving Flags"
Today on CNET: January 14, 2008
Bonde Do Role: "Marina Gasolina"
Sally Shapiro: "Jackie Jackie"
CNET Top 5: Best things about CES
Hot Chip: "Ready for the Floor"
Commodore 64 Turns 25
Quick Tips: Using depth of field
Quick Tips: Using Selective Focus
Quick Tips: Take better photos using existing light
Quick Tips: Using the rule of thirds
Quick Tips: Stay wide when you take your digital pictures
Quick Tips: Zooming the right way
Quick Tips: Control an Xbox 360 with a remote
Prizefight: Apple iPhone vs. LG Voyager
Mailbag: International edition
Mailbag: A perfect 10
Super Furry Animals: "The Gift That Keeps On Giving"
The Presets: "My People"
ZapRoot Extras 003 | The WIRED LivingHome
ZapRoot 013 | Formula 1 Racing Bans Gasoline
ZapRoot 014 | Green Car of the Year
Oasis: "Lord Don't Slow Me Down"
Channel Frederator - Cavalcade of Laffs - Meth Minute 39
Channel Frederator - Episode 109
Watermelon Nights: The Meth Minute 39
Channel Frederator - Episode 110
CNET Top 5: Top-rated products of 2007
CNET Top 5: Worst tech of 2007
CNET Top 5: Worst 2007 predictions
Mailbag: Announcing closed-captioning!
Daedelus: "Fair Weather Friends"
CNET Live: CES Special Edition
Kid Sister feat. Kanye West: "Pro Nails"
Chromeo: "Tenderoni"
CNET Top 5: Most-wanted gadgets
Wu-Tang: "8 Diagrams" (webisode)
Cold War Kids: "Hang Me Up To Dry"
Ferraby Lionheart:"Small Planet"
A festival of vintage computers
Radiohead: "Jigsaw"
Radiohead: "Bodysnatchers"
Mailbag: Belgium moves to Amsterdam
Mailbag: Belgium moves to Amsterdam
Daft Punk: "Harder Better Faster Stronger"
The CNET Astrology Report
Scout Niblett: "Kiss"
Daft Punk: "Alive 2007" (LIVE)
The 5 Browns: "18th Variation"
Pela: "Lost To The Lonesome"
The Presets: "Girl and the Sea"
CNET Top 5: Tech predictions for 2008
Richard Hawley: "Serious"
Shout Out Louds: "Impossible"
Sharon Jones: "100 days, 100 nights"
Mailbag: Take that, DOD!
Jose Gonzalez: "Killing for Love"
Paul van Dyk: "Let Go"
Gorillaz: "Rockit"
Mailbag: The lovers and the haters
Product Spotlight: Nintendo DS Lite
Gravenhurst: "Trust"
LCD Soundsystem: "Someone Great"
Kasper Bjorke: "Back and Spine"
The CNET Astrology Report
The CNET astrology report
The CNET Astrology Report
chkchkchk (!!!): "Yadnus"
Prefuse 73: "The Class of 73 Bells"
CNET Live: November 15, 2007
CNET Top 5: Search terms
Matthew Dear: "Don and Sherri"
Vampire Weekend: "Mansard Roof"
Jessica Vale: "Night In Sarajevo"
Mailbag: Mac mouse attack!
The Cave Singers: "Dancing Graves"
Product Spotlight: AT&T Tilt
Kelly Willis: "Teddy Boys"
Spice Girls: "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)"
Emma Pollock: "Acid Test"
Enon: "Mr. Ratatatat"
CNET Top 5: Most wanted gadgets
CNET Live: November 8, 2007
The Beatles: "Help!" trailer
Product Spotlight: Apple MacBook Pro
CNET Top 5: Scariest downloads: Boo!
Yokohama Advan ACY-255 and Super E-Spec
Mailbag: Just use Firefox
CNET Top 5: Back-to-school gadgets
Liars: "Houseclouds"
CNET Top 5: Mac vs. Windows
CNET Live: November 1, 2007
Strada CN-GP50U Portable Navigation Device
eCoupled Wireless Charging Pad
iPod Touch
Product Spotlight: Canon PowerShot SD 1000
Product Spotlight: Bang & Olufsen Serene
St. Vincent: "Jesus Saving, I Spend"
RJD2: "Work It Out"
KT Tunstall: "Saving My Face"
Lupe Fiasco, Black Ghosts, Swizz Beatz
Korn: "Hold On"
What if the Mac had dominant market share?
What if Ford sold its cool European cars here in the U.S.?
What if DRM went away?
What if the Wii wins the console wars?
What if Google bought Apple?
What if social networks are just a social-engineering experiment?
What if Sony is not stupid?
What if the RIAA kills Internet radio?
What if Microsoft put out a version of Linux?
What if everyone watched CNET Live?
What if Google is owned by aliens?
Mailbag saves you minutes
Felix Da Housecat: "What Does It Feel Like"
CNET Live: October 25, 2007
CNET Top 5: Scariest downloads: Boo!
CNET Live GPS contest
Keyshia Cole, John Ralston, Shout Out Louds
The Queue: Rich says goodbye...
Introducing CNET Mailbag
Haterz on the Mailbag
Mailbag: Radiation alert!
Mailbag tries to keep the gadgets
Voxtrot: "Firecracker"
Para One: "Dun Dun"
The Queue: It's a font thing
CNET Live: October 18, 2007
CNET Top 5: Ghost-hunting gadgets
David Gahan, Kevin Drew, Richard Hawley
The Queue: It's bionic!
The Queue: It's electric!
Richard Hawley: "Tonight the Streets Are Ours"
Ask Anything: What does "dual core" mean?
CNET Top 5: Real-life 'Star Trek' gadgets
CNET Live: October 11, 2007
The National: "Apartment Story"
Midnight Juggernauts: "Road to Recovery"
Devendra Banhart, Iron & Wine, Percee P
The Queue: What do you wish for?
The Thrills: "Midnight Choir"
The Queue: It's on fire!
CNET Live, October 4, 2007
CNET Top 5: Most wanted gadgets
Dave Gahan: "Kingdom"
CNET Top 5: Holiday gift categories
Delerium: "Angelicus"
Battles: "Tonto"
Ani DiFranco: "Both Hands"
The Queue: Keeping you plugged in!
Felix da Housecat: "Silverscreen"
Datarock: "FaFaFa"
Kosheen: "Overkill"
The Bastard Fairies: "A Venomous Tale"
CNET Live: September 20, 2007
The Queue: Now playing in San-Las-Shreve-a-York!
The Queue: Would you pay to watch?
VHS or Beta: "Can't Believe A Single Word"
The Queue: Watch it at work!
CNET Top 5: Biggest tech fanboys
CNET Live: September 27, 2007
Interpol: "No I In Threesome"
Chromeo, Oakley Hall, 'House M.D.' soundtrack
Jose Gonzalez: "Down the Line"
Felix da Housecat: "Madame Hollywood"
X-Press 2 featuring Tim De Laughter: "Witchi tai to"
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss: "Raising Sand"
Datarock: "Bull Dozer"
Pinback: "From Nothing to Nowhere"
Craving NYC: Pepcom
Rilo Kiley, Kosheen, Bored Stiff
CNET Top 5: iPhone credit buys
Chamillionaire "Hip-Hop Police"
LCD Soundsystem: "All My Friends"
The Queue: Check yourself in!
Morrissey: "You Have Killed Me"
Dolores O' Riordan: "Ordinary Day"
The Ataris: "Not Capable Of Love"
Idlewild: "No Emotion"
Raul Midon: "Pick Somebody Up"
Black Lips: "Cold Hands"
Morrissey: "The Youngest Was the Most Loved"
CNET Live: September 13, 2007
CNET Top 5: Hottest-selling gadgets
Quick Tips: Get your $100 iPhone credit
Best New Music: Big Pink
The Queue: Filling white space!
The Queue: Feeling great!
Best New Music: Porn, pop, and the Ticklah's 'Scratch'
DJ Jazzy Jeff and Peedi Peedi: "Brand New Funk 2K7"
CNET Top 5: Most Wanted gadgets
CNET Live: September 6, 2007
Andrew Bird: "Imitosis"
CNET Live: August 30, 2007
The Queue: Fully automated!
New Young Pony Club: "Ice Cream"
The Somnambulants: "Take It On"
Colette: "If"
Interview with Hilly Kristal, owner of CBGB
The Notorious MSG: "Chinatown Hustler"
White Rabbits: "The Plot"
The Last Goodnight: "Pictures of You"
The Queue: Zoom, zoom!
Skinny Puppy: "Haze"
Aesop Rock: "None Shall Pass"
Saosin:"You're Not Alone"
Animal Collective: "Peacebone"
The Bravery: "Honest Mistake"
CNET Top 5: Tech Easter eggs
CNET Live: August 23, 2007
The Queue: Like learning a new language!
Metafore: "Nah Mean"
The Queue: Helping keep you happy!
The Chemical Brothers: "Salmon Dance"
CNET Live: August 16, 2007
Michael Fakesch: "Soda"
CNET Top 5: iPhone dream features
The Queue: Foiling Bluetooth pirates!
Kat DeLuna feat. Elephant Man: "Whine Up"
Paul van Dyk feat. Jessica Sutta: "White Lies"
Liars: "Plaster Casts of Everything"
Caribou: "Melody Day"
The Queue: Your information is private with us
Ben Harper: "In the Colors"
The Starting Line: "Island"
A Fine Frenzy: "Almost Lover"
Korn: "Evolution"
CNET Live: August 9, 2007
Angie Stone feat. Betty Wright: "Baby"
The Queue: Now taking credit cards!
Tolcha: "Crushed Ice"
Interpol: "The Heinrich Maneuver"
KT Tunstall: "Hold On"
Darren Hayes: "On the Verge of Something Wonderful"
CNET Live: August 2, 2007